Clean Water & Waste Management

What is the monthly Water & Waste Management tariff charged?

Monthly Water & Waste Management Tariffs are as follows:

  • Usage Rate US $1.5/m3 (including Water & Waste Management)
What is the water connection fee?

Water Connection Fees are:

  • Diameter 2 inches : US$ 10.000
  • Diameter 3 inches : US$ 11.000
  • Diameter 4 inches : US$ 12.000

Maintenance Fee

How much is the monthly maintenance fee?

US$ 0.06/m2

When will the maintenance fee be imposed to the Tenants?

The maintanance fee will be imposed after the tenants sign the BAST .

Building Permit & License

Should the Building Permit submission process be submitted by the Tenants?

Yes, The Building Permit submission should be submitted by the Tenants, but if there are any obstacles, the Management of Industrial Estate could assist the tenants to encounter the related institution.

Telephone & Fax

How much is the telephone connection fee?

It follows the tarif of Telkom.


Who is the power source supplier?

The power source is supplied by the State Electricity Company (PLN) with Premium Services.


How much is the gas connection fee?

It follows the tarif of PGN.


What is "KLIK"?

KLIK is Priority Investment Service for selected industrial park that supported by both Central and Regional Governments

What is the benefit of "KLIK"?

Direct Construction. Investors in the selected industrial parks may directly start their project construction while obtaining construction permits.

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