Kertajati Airport Toll Access Start Designed

Akses Tol Bandara Kertajati Mulai Dirancang
Kertajati Airport will Break the Density of Soekarno-Hatta Airport

BANDUNG – Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan Toll Road Development (Cisumdawu) began to touch the West Java International Airport (BIJB) project in Kertajati, Majalengka District. PT Jasa Sarana is currently designing an access toll from Cisumdawu Toll to Kertajati Airport.

Coordination has been done with Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PU-PR), Lintas Marga Sedaya (LMS) as operator of Cikampek-Palimanan Toll (Cipali), and Citra Karya Jabar Tol (CKJT) consortium as developer Cisumdawu Toll.

“At the same time, we also coordinate with Pemkab Majalengkan for determination of access to the airport,” said President Director of PT Jasa Sarana, Mulyadi in Bandung, Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Mulyadi explained that coordination with BPJT is done to get airport access option from Cipali Toll or Toll Cisumdawu to Kertajati Airport. Coordination with Pemkab Majalengka is done to get the most access point three airport options possible.

“The coordination with CKJT is related to the financing because there is a portion of land needed for the access, whether the land is prepared by the West Java Provincial Government with capital to Jasa Sarana or by the consortium,” he explained.

To note, Cisumdawu Toll is built as the main access to Kertajati Airport which is targeted to start operation by the end of 2018. Based on BPJT data as of April 2017, the development of Cisumdawu Toll shows quite encouraging progress, especially the construction of section II which connects Tanjungsari-Sumedang which has reached 79, 10%. Overall, Cisumdawu toll road development progress has now reached 21.8%.

“The land acquisition and the construction of section I and section II are entirely the responsibility of the government, while section III, IV, V, and VI are the consortium’s responsibility,” Mulyadi explained.

Meanwhile, land acquisition progress continues to show improvement. Mulyadi said that the Cileunyi-Tanjungsari section of 14.7 km has reached 69.85%, the second section of Tanjungsari-Sumedang along 19.2 km reaches 95.26%, Sumedang-Cimalaka III section 3.15 km reaches 98.08 %, Cimalaka-Legok IV section along 8.2 km reaches 1.64%. “The rest is still in process,” he said.

Regional Secretary (Sekda) Jabar Iwa Karniwa justify, it has filed an application to BPJT to issue access toll road permit to Kertajati Airport. Although the airport toll is still rejected by some residents of Majalengka district, but the request is still processed so that when needed no longer need to take the stage.

“Later, the Kertajati Airport multi-modal terminal will integrate the transportation services required by passengers and logistics entrepreneurs,” he said.

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